Aotearoa New Zealand

In November 2019 the Medical Council of New Zealand approved their Strengthened recertification requirements for vocationally registered doctors practicing in Aotearoa New Zealand, to be implemented by July 2022.
A copy of the strengthened recertification requirements can be found on the Medical Council of New Zealand website.
In line with the new recertification requirement for vocationally registered doctors practising in Aotearoa New Zealand, medical practitioners will be required to complete the following minimum CPD standards:

Core Elements

  • ​Doctors must complete a mix of activities, as prescribed by the programme provider, across all three categories of continuing professional development (CPD):
    • Reviewing and reflecting on practice
    • Measuring and improving outcomes
    • Educational activities (continuing medical education – CME)
  • Doctors must have a structured conversation with a peer, colleague or employer (at least annually) to discuss outcome data from activities already undertaken (e.g CPD, educational activities or other), the doctor’s personal reflection on their practice, learning aspirations, professional development, wellbeing and their career stage and intentions.
  • Doctors should use the information gathered from undertaking activities and from their structured conversation, to inform the development and ongoing maintenance of a professional development plan (PDP).
  • Cultural safety and a focus on health equity must be embedded within all of the above activities.
  • CPD activities that meet the requirements of the chosen ‘CPD Home’.
    • For all ACEM CPD participants this will include procedural skills and cultural competence requirements.