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Circumstances change. If you need to withdraw from the FACEM Training Program but wish to continue a career involving Emergency Medicine with a formal qualification, you may transition to either the Emergency Medicine Certificate (EMC) or Emergency Medicine Diploma (EMD) Programs. Recognition of prior learning means you will be rewarded for the milestones you have already achieved in the FACEM Training Program. These qualifications allow you to apply for membership as an ACEM Certificant or Diplomate and participate in an ACEM CPD Program.

Depending on the training requirements and assessments completed, you may receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for various components of the EMC or EMD.

The self-assessment tool, indicates the modules and assessments to be completed to achieve the EMC or EMD. The self-assessment tool is a guide only, and the result may differ upon submission of an application form when a full assessment and verification process is completed.

For further information, see the Policy for the transition from the FACEM Training Program to Non-Specialist training programs.

How do I apply?

The FACEM Training Program record is used as the basis for assessing and verifying the amount of RPL to be awarded. Supporting documentation must also be submitted to assess RPL for procedures and workshop requirements of the EMC and EMD.


If you wish to have any of the procedures on the EMC and EMD Procedural Checklist assessed for RPL, you must submit the checklist, with the date and signature of your most current Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT) for each procedure, with your application. Any individual procedures that are not signed by the DEMT will need to be completed once you are enrolled in the EMC or EMD.


To be assessed for RPL for the Advanced Skills workshop requirement you must submit current and valid certificates of competency with your application form for two of the following emergency skills workshops:

  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS), or Advanced Paediatric Emergency Medicine (APEM).
  • Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST), or Emergency Trauma Management (ETM).
  • Advanced and Complex Medical Emergencies (ACME).
  • Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crisis (EMAC).

Incomplete applications will not be processed. If any supporting documentation cannot be provided at the time the application form is submitted or, if further documentation is required, it must be received within one month of the date originally requested. If not, the original application will be withdrawn, and a new application must be submitted.

You cannot be enrolled in the FACEM Training Program and the EMC or EMD concurrently. After receiving your RPL outcome, you will need to formally withdraw from the FACEM Training Program before being enrolled in the EMC or EMD.

How do I Apply?

Step 1: Submit an online application form for assessment, including all supporting documentation. Before beginning the application process, please make sure you have the relevant supporting documentation ready.

Step 2: ACEM verifies the requirements of the EMC and EMD against your FACEM Training Program training record and supporting documentation. Your application is then presented to the Council of Education (COE) approved delegate/s for consideration.

Step 3: The COE approved delegate/s determines the RPL to be awarded and any outstanding requirements to be completed.

Step 4: ACEM notifies you of the outcome and provides an enrolment form for the relevant program.

Step 5: Complete and submit the enrolment form and pay the enrolment fee. Withdrawal from the FACEM Training program must have been received prior to enrolment being processed.

Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)

Verification of the completion of an individual DOPS during the FACEM Training Program is the DOPS Work-based Assessment (WBA) assessment form in your ACEM Training Record. No additional documentation is required to be submitted.

For more information visit our DOPS page.


  • Application Fee
  • Enrolment Fee

  Emergency Medicine Certificate Emergency Medicine Diploma
New Zealand
Aotearoa New Zealand
Category A $2362 $2147 $6075 $5514
Category B $1181 $1073 $3038 $2757
Category C/D $475 $428 $1215 $1103

RPL for individual components of the EMC or EMD within each category are assessed on a case by case basis and dependent on the training requirements and assessments completed during the FACEM Training Program. The components required to be completed will be provided in a letter for each applicant together with an enrolment form after review by the COE approved delegate.

If you do not enrol within 60 days of receipt of your outcome, you will be required to submit a new application form for assessment.

If you have completed additional FACEM Training Program requirements since your last assessment outcome letter, you will be required to submit a new application for assessment.

RPL into Non Specialist Program Application Form


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