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To be awarded the DipPHRM trainees must satisfactorily complete:

  • a minimum six-month 1.0FTE placement at a site accredited by the CCPHRM for DipPHRM training
  • WBAs and examinations
    • Training Supervisor Reports (TSR) every 3 calendar months
    • 4 Multi-source Feedback (MSF)
    • 2 Mission Assessments (MA)
    • 4 Direct Observation of Technical Skills (DOTS)
    • 3 Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)
    • 3 Case-based Discussion (CbD)
    • Task Logbook
    • Written Examination
    • Practical Examination; and
  • Other requirements as prescribed by CCPHRM.

Candidates may undertake the training full or part-time. Candidates seeking to undertake the DipPHRM on a part-time basis must advise the FTE fraction when applying to undertake training.

Trainees may undertake the DipPHRM at a minimum of 0.25FTE. Current FACEM trainees must complete the DipPHRM Training Program at minimum of 0.5FTE to ensure they are compliant with FACEM Training Program Regulation B. Trainees of other training programs should check their enrolment complies with the relevant regulations of their College.

Trainees may take a maximum of three years to complete all components of the DipPHRM, regardless of FTE. This timeframe commences from the date that a trainee begins their DipPHRM placement.