Some PHRM sites may only be able to provide one component of the DipPHRM Training Program, such as pre-hospital or retrieval experience, or a site may be exclusively road-based. In these cases, trainees are required to complete an additional placement at another CCPHRM-accredited site to ensure all components of the DipPHRM Training Program can be completed. Trainees may secure their additional placement before or after enrolling in the DipPHRM Training Program.

In addition, some sites may be accredited for 12-month positions as the average caseload available per registrar would not enable trainees to meet DipPHRM caseload requirements within a 6-month placement at the site. 

It is the trainee’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of their training site’s DipPHRM accreditation status – pre-hospital only, retrieval only, or full accreditation - prior to enrolling in the DipPHRM.

A list of CCPHRM-accredited sites, and any specific placement requirements pertaining to them, is provided below.

  • DipPHRM training sites accredited for the pre-hospital component ONLY
  • DipPHRM training sites accredited for the retrieval component ONLY
  • DipPHRM training sites with full accreditation (both pre-hospital and retrieval components)
  • Site Accreditation Process