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Some sites may only be able to provide components of the DipPHRM Training Program, such as pre-hospital or retrieval, or a site may be exclusively road-based. In these cases, trainees are required to complete an additional placement at another CCPHRM-accredited site to ensure all components of the DipPHRM Training Program can be completed. Trainees may secure their additional placement following enrolment into the DipPHRM Training Program.

A list of CCPHRM-accredited sites is below.

Full Accreditation

Partial Accreditation


Component Accredited

NSW Ambulance Aeromedical Division

MedSTAR Kids


Auckland City Hospital & Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Queensland Ambulance Service


MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval Service

CareFlight NSW (Rapid Response Helicopter)


Capital Region Retrieval Service



Hunter Retrieval Service



CareFlight NSW (MSA and CFAA)



CareFlight NT



LifeFlight Brisbane



LifeFlight Townsville



LifeFlight Toowoomba



LifeFlight Sunshine Coast



LifeFlight Rockhampton



NNSW Retrieval Service


LifeFlight Cairns



LifeFlight Mackay