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To be eligible to enrol in the DipPHRM Training Program, medical practitioners must hold appropriate medical registration with no suspension, condition, restriction or be undertaking imposed that limits their ability to complete the requirements of the DipPHRM Training Program. Refer to DipPHRM Regulation F for additional requirements.

Due to the nature of pre-hospital and retrieval medicine, a trainee will need to have a level of functional independence and so will need to be suitably experienced and advanced in their specialist training or be a suitably experienced Fellow.

Medical practitioners must also:
  1. provide evidence of a confirmed training position at a site accredited by the CCPHRM for DipPHRM training; and
  2. be a Fellow or trainee of ACEM, ACRRM, ANZCA, CICM or RACGP with not more than 18 months of required training remaining to attain Fellowship.

Individuals who otherwise meet all eligibility requirements other than those specified in (b) may apply to the CCPHRM under the College’s Exceptional Circumstances/Special Consideration Policy for consideration on a case-by-case basis for permission to enrol in the DipPHRM Training Program.

To enrol in the DipPHRM Training Program, prospective trainees must submit the online DipPHRM enrolment form, upload evidence of remaining Fellowship requirements (if applicable), upload a Letter of Support from their CCPHRM-accredited Training Site and agree to comply with the DipPHRM Trainee Agreement.

  • View the DipPHRM Trainee Agreement.
  • View a pro-forma letter for your site to complete that you must use to provide evidence of a confirmed position at a CCPHRM-accredited site.
  • Enrol into the DipPHRM Training Program, via the form below.

Due to capacity limits for the 2021 DipPHRM examinations, only trainees who commenced their DipPHRM placement at the launch of the program in February 2021 will be eligible to sit the examinations in 2021.

Trainees commencing their DipPHRM placement in August 2021 will be eligible to sit the first round of examinations in 2022.

If you have previously withdrawn or been removed the DipPHRM Training Program please review the Policy on Former DipPHRM Trainees Re-Entering the DipPHRM Training Program.