The EMET program lead hospitals (Hubs) work closely with local smaller emergency departments and emergency services providing educational support, guidance and feedback.

Of the over 600 hospitals with Emergency Departments (ED) or emergency services in Australia, only 25 percent are staffed by FACEMs. Hospitals without FACEMs are typically located in rural locations with clinical staffing models that include general practitioners, medical officers, nurses, paramedics and allied health workers.

For these locations, the EMET Program gives much needed support in the form of education, training and supervision, to better equip the doctors and other healthcare providers at these hospitals to deal with critically ill or complex trauma patients.

EMET provides supervision and support for doctors working in EDs to complete the Emergency Medicine Certificate (EMC), and Emergency Medicine Diploma (EMD). EMET funding is also used to support hospitals to provide outreach training to the teams in smaller hospitals on a wide range of skills and areas required for emergency medical care.

EMET Network

We support 49 EMET Hubs to deliver training and supervision to hospitals and health services with EDs or emergency services within their region. Through the EMET Program, training is delivered at over 540 health services nationally. Hubs and training sites are identified in the EMET Network map.

EMET Funding

EMET is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Specialist Training Program.

Applications for EMET funding are currently closed, with all funds allocated to 49 Hubs for current funding period (2022–2025). Should further funds become available, requests for Expression of Interest (EOIs) will be advertised here, and widely circulated.

  • EMET Sites

Expression Of Interest - EMET One-Off Expansion Pilot 1 July 2023 - 31 December 2025

ACEM has commenced an Expression of Interest (EOI) process for eligible hospitals that are interested in applying to become an EMET funded site (hub) under a one-off expansion of the EMET program for the period 1 July 2023 - 31 December 2025.

Applicants are encouraged to read the EMET Framework and EMET Guidelines prior to submitting an Expression of Interest. These documents provide important information about program eligibility and application process.

  • Important dates
  • Submitting an EOI
  • Submission process

If you have any queries with regards to registering and /or submitting an EOI using the online form, please contact [email protected]

Please note: Successful applicants will only receive funding for the period of 1 July 2023 - 31 December 2025. Should ACEM receive funding for EMET to continue beyond 31 December 2025, expansion hubs are not guaranteed funding.

Framework and Guidelines

The EMET Framework and Guidelines provide more details on the operations and funding criteria for EMET. You can find them below:

EMET Program Overview