What is the IHCC Program?

The IHCC Program develops education tools and resources for Emergency Medicine (EM) physicians designed to enhance culturally competent communication and overall care for Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori and other culturally and linguistically diverse patients.

IHCC opportunities for trainees

Trainees have the opportunity to study Indigenous research methods, contributing to the completion of their Trainee Research Requirement.

The following subjects aim to expand your professional development in Indigenous research methods:

IHCC Modules

The IHCC Modules are one of the main learning resources of the ICHH Program. They cover the key knowledge and skills required when providing high-quality care to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Māori and other culturally diverse patients in the emergency department context.

Find more information on the IHCC Modules here.

By completing the ACEM IHCC Modules, you are contributing towards your CPD requirements. Record your CPD hours.

Podcast Series

The IHCC video podcast series provides an alternative learning approach.

  • Case Studies
  • Cultural Competency Initiatives in the ED
  • IHCC Research and Initiatives
  • International Medical Graduates: A Diversity of Experience
  • IHCC Conference Presentation Podcasts


Other IHCC Program resources:

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Promoting Cultural Safety in your ED

Implementing Cultural Safety Initiatives