These clinics are known by various names (such as fever, respiratory, COVID- 19 or screening clinics) and are utilised for screening patients who are well and for assessing patients with mild respiratory symptoms. In some instances, they may include staff testing facilities.

Hospital based COVID-19 clinics are an interim model of care designed to:

  • Provide a safe and streamlined approach to caring for patients with suspected COVID-19.
  • Minimise infection risk to patients presenting for other reasons. 

We recommend:

  1. That hospital based respiratory assessment clinics are used only as an interim measure to manage patient surge.
  2. Where a COVID-19 clinic is on the hospital campus, the staffing and resources should be separate from the ED, and ideally derived from other hospital services (such as outpatients). 

We advocate for:

  1. Urgent increases in community-based approaches to screen well and mildly unwell patients.
  2. Increased availability of community access to information that allows patients to determine if they meet criteria for testing.

  • Best practice in clinic location and design, when this approach is required
  • Alignment with detailed guidelines
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