Better outcomes for our patients

ACEM seeks to continually improve the level of patient care delivered at emergency departments in Australia and New Zealand.

National Program

The National Program aims to address some of the biggest challenges facing emergency medical care across Australia, including improving the quality and distribution of the future emergency medicine workforce. It includes a range of projects, facilitated by ACEM and funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health’s Specialist Training Prog

Sustaining our workforce

Emergency department (ED) staffing must allow for the delivery of high-quality patient care.

International Emergency Medicine

The International Emergency Medicine Network (IEM-Network) supports those interested in the development of international emergency medicine.

Cultural competency

Cultural competency allows an individual to interact effectively in cross-cultural situations. It is a set of attitudes and skills as well as knowledge and understanding.It requires a medical practitioner to continually reflect on their own cultural identity and recognise the impact their culture has on their medical practice.

Workplace health and safety

Working in safe environments is important for the health and wellbeing of our Fellows and trainees and allows them to provide the best possible care to patients.

Building Respect in Emergency Medicine

The College has committed to two key action plans that will help enact meaningful cultural change in the College and in emergency departments.

Other research journals and resources

IEMNet News

Emergency Medicine Standards

ACEM develops and promotes standards for the provision of quality emergency medical care in Australia and New Zealand by ensuring relevance of professional standards for practice and promoting adherence to those standards.