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The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM; the College) acknowledges the ALP’s commitment of funding to trial urgent care clinics (UCCs) if it wins the election, and welcomes the significant focus on the escalating demands on healthcare systems during this election campaign.

The College supports the expansion of options for people to seek primary care, and other community-based healthcare services – particularly out of hours. If this trial were to proceed, ACEM encourages consideration of the needs of rural and remote communities in determining locations for these services.

Fixing the significant bottleneck and demand pressures being faced by EDs and hospitals across the country requires a whole of system approach. This means addressing the systemic drivers of hospital access block, at the back door of the emergency department, as well as the front door.

In relation to implementing initiatives such as UCCs, the College also urges caution to avoid models which may duplicate or divert resources or disrupt existing primary care models.

Clinicians, consumers and carers must be front and centre in the decision making relating to Australia’s healthcare system. Service planning must be based on robust data about patient-centred outcomes.

ACEM welcomes the significant focus on healthcare during this election campaign and looks forward to seeing further healthcare commitments from all parties and candidates contesting the election.

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