DipPHRM Written Examination

The DipPHRM Written Examination comprises sixty multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and five short-answer questions (SAQs). The examination is conducted online, under the supervision of an approved invigilator, at a candidate’s DipPHRM training site. If a candidate cannot undertake the Written Examination at their DipPHRM training site, it is the responsibility of the candidate to contact the ACEM PHRM Training Team to discuss alternative arrangements.

Applications for the 2022.2 DipPHRM Written Examination are now open.

The DipPHRM Written Examination will be held online on Friday 14 October 2022 at 12.00pm AEDT.

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The DipPHRM OSPE to be conducted on 10 and 11 December 2022 is a face-to-face examination comprising stations through which candidates move in a timed fashion. Examination stations may include observation stations, clinical scenarios, communication scenarios and descriptions of the management of critically ill or injured patients. This examination will not be conducted in an online format – all candidates and examiners will be participating face-to-face, and stations will be interactive in nature.

Candidates sitting the OSPE will only be required to attend one day of the examination. Exam schedules will be released after the registration closing date, including the time that candidate will be required to attend the examination centre.

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How to prepare for the DipPHRM Examinations

Resources to support DipPHRM trainees in preparing for their examinations are found here, and include important information and sample written examination questions.  In order to prepare appropriately for the exams, DipPHRM trainees should:

  • Identify your specific learning needs and discuss them with your Training Supervisor and other consultants with whom you’ve worked who can provide informed advice on your exam preparation.
  • Actively participate in all education opportunities provided by your accredited training site to address these needs.
  • Identify other learning opportunities, through the support of your Training Supervisor and others with whom you work, that may address your learning needs.
  • ​Complete all WBAs to ensure that you are receiving constructive feedback and support from your colleagues and supervisors regarding your performance against the learning outcomes in the DipPHRM curriculum.
  • Familiarise yourself with all matters pertaining to the DipPHRM examinations. Relevant resources can be found on the PHRM Training Program Resources elearning site, including sample written examination questions.

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