ACEM’s Global Emergency Care (GEC) desk manages projects and activities that contribute to strengthening emergency care clinical services, clinical governance, specialist education, training and workforce development across the Indo-Pacific region and beyond.

GEC Activity Map 2021-2022 as of June 2022

ACEM supported activities and project are a discreet body of work managed by ACEM’s GEC desk focused on building capacity in emergency care in LMICs. This work supports locally-led development and adheres to best practice in volunteering for development. GECCo’s 37 country liaison representatives (CLRs) are in 32 locations and act as a point of linkage between local providers of EC and ACEM to facilitate discussions and opportunities to support LMICs countries to deliver safe and effective EC. 
Fellows in the field (FIFs)/ trainees in the field (TIFs) are individuals supporting GEC activities independently of the College.  We link in with our FIFs and TIFs and share iformation via our GEC Network. If you are a FIF or TIF and do not see the geographical location of your work reflected on this map please reach out the GEC Desk at [email protected]. We would love to hear about your work in GEC. 

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