GEM Sem 2018, to be held on 18 April, will discuss the latest developments in Geriatrics Emergency Medicine (GEM).

Dr Alsaba will chair a panel session that will discuss head injury in aged care facilities to shed light on some of the issues and misconceptions associated with that presentation, with the obvious aim of debunking some of those ideas during the panel discussion.

Some of those issues and misconceptions include: Every nursing home resident who presents to an emergency department with head injury needs a CT scan; and an existing Advanced Health Directive means that a nursing home resident with head injury does not need to be worked up in the emergency department.

Dr Alsaba added: “I am really excited and honoured to be part of GEM Seminar 2018. This is a must-attend seminar for those who look after critically ill older persons. The topics will be covered and presented by esteemed presenters.”

For Dr Alsaba, who works at the Gold Coast University Hospital and John Flynn Private Hospital and is also an Assistant Professor in Medical Education and Simulation at Bond University, the goal is to improve geriatric patient care across all health sectors including undergraduate and postgraduate training.

“How we care for the elderly in our community is a great test of our moral, cultural and professional integrity,” Dr Alsaba said.

“Our geriatric population is on the rise with more presentations to our emergency departments.  However, we are not very skilled in managing their complex presentations and unique medical and social needs in emergency departments. Structural changes are needed in emergency departments to accommodate this growing emergency subspecialty.

“I am lucky that I have the opportunity to improve and advocate for geriatric emergency medicine through my involvement with medical students and trainees.

“Geriatric emergency medicine is an extremely challenging and yet rewarding subspecialty, and I always like to use this quote at the beginning of my geriatric educational sessions: To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours.”

GEM Sem 2018 will be held at the Stamford Plaza, Brisbane. For more details and to register, visit the event website.