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Quality Standards for EDs

The College has developed a comprehensive set of quality standards that can be applied to all emergency departments and hospital-based emergency care services in Australia. This leads on from the Quality Framework developed by the College in 2007.

The Quality Standards for Emergency Departments and other Hospital-Based Emergency Care Services, reflect current emergency department performance monitoring indicators and also include qualitative standards that allow emergency departments to audit themselves or can be used for external audit purposes.

One of the complexities of emergency care is that it can be required at any time, by any person presenting with a problem that they consider to be urgent. The Standards and related objectives and criteria are relevant to any hospital-based service that provides urgent or emergency care to patients.

The Quality Standards for Australian Emergency Departments and other hospital-Based Emergency Care Services aim to provide guidance and set expectations for the provision of equitable, safe and high quality emergency care in Australian emergency departments (ED) and other hospital-based emergency care facilities.


1.0 Domain: Clinical (Patient care pathway)
2.0 Domain: Administration (Management)