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Endorsement of Research Projects by the ACEM Clinical Trials Group Criteria
The Emergency Medicine Clinical Trials Group (EMCTG) is a subcommittee of the Scientific Committee with an interest in research and clinical trials in the emergency department setting.
The purpose of this document is to outline the criteria to be used by the EMCTG in determining whether or not to endorse a research proposal.
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New Zealand Emergency Medicine Network

A collaboration of committed emergency care researchers who share the vision that New Zealand/Aotearoa will have a world-leading, patient-centred emergency care research network, which will improve emergency care for all, so that people coming to any ED in the country will have access to the same world-class emergency care.
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Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine
The Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine (CCREM) is a unique unit established at Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, Western Australia that brings together clinical staff working in the Emergency Department (ED) and laboratory scientists using immunological and molecular biological techniques. CCREM investigates a number of conditions within the spectrum of disease treated by EDs.
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Distributed Research in Emergency and Acute Medicine
A revolutionary approach to research and evidence in the principles and practice of emergency care. We are researchers in emergency departments, ambulances and related institutions across Australia, both experienced and beginners.
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Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaboration
PREDICT is the Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative. Established in 2004, it consists of all major tertiary children’s hospital Emergency Departments in Australia and New Zealand as well as some larger mixed (adult and paediatric) Emergency Departments. The vision of PREDICT is to improve emergency care for children and adolescents through rigorous multicentre research.

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