EM Clinical Trials Network

The College’s Emergency Medicine Clinical Trials Network (EMCTN) was formed on 1 January 2018, with the primary aim of facilitating and promoting investigator-initiated, collaborative, multicentre clinical research in emergency medicine throughout Australia and New Zealand.
The EMCTN has an open, broad-based membership of FACEMs, trainees and non-member researchers, with a small Executive to steer the group and report into the College governance structures.
The EMCTN is responsible for reviewing new proposed studies and endorsing projects that meet relevant guidelines. The process for endorsing research projects is under review by the new EMCTN. Until that review has concluded please adhere to the current policy (link below) when making an application for endorsement. The purpose of the document is to outline the criteria to be used in determining whether or not to endorse a research proposal. Contact the EMCTN Administrator: [email protected]

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