While ACEM is committed to working with the Tasmanian Department of Health to assist the LGH Emergency Department in regaining training accreditation, the College reiterates that it has revoked, not suspended, the hospital’s accreditation as a FACEM training site.
The LGH Emergency Department has been assessed against the ACEM Accreditation Requirements and does not meet the requirements for training in emergency medicine.

The accreditation process seeks to ensure that ACEM training sites provide trainees with the necessary support and resources to enable them to meet the requirements of the FACEM Training Program. The requirements are publicly available, and ACEM considers a number of factors when assessing a site, including the ability to ensure adequate supervision of trainees, availability of structured education programs and examination preparation programs, and workplace health, safety and welfare policies and procedures. While the number of full-time equivalent emergency specialists in the LGH Emergency Department is one factor considered, it is not the only issue that informed the College’s decision.

It should be noted that when the LGH Emergency Department has addressed the issues highlighted in the recent decision by the College, they can they submit an application to be reassessed as a FACEM training site, and the College welcomes any such application.  Information regarding this process is publicly available. While any trainees already under contract will be able to count this year towards progress in their training, no new trainees will be permitted to accrue training time towards the FACEM training program at this facility during or after 2018 until a successful application is made to the College for accreditation as a training site.

ACEM remains committed to working with the Department of Health and Human Services Tasmania and the LGH to ensure education and training standards are maintained in order to provide a trained workforce that can deliver high quality emergency medicine care.

Andre Khoury
ACEM Public Affairs Manager
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