Writing in the latest Emergency Medicine Australasia (EMA), Dr Judkins says key to upholding the values of public health, teamwork and health equity for communities is membership engagement.

ACEM has a strong record in this field – we call for feedback consistently and engage with members every day through formal consultations, forums, committees and events. The opportunity to get involved in the college and influence change has never been greater,” Dr Judkins writes.

“However, we recognise we can do more in this space and increase the level of sophistication – and use new technologies available to us – when listening to and talking with members. There are plans underway to offer members yet more engagement opportunities to help us ensure the highest standards in emergency medicine education and training are maintained and to promote excellence in the delivery of emergency care to the community.”

With the challenges of modern media, political agendas and the power of special interest and pressure groups, specialist medical colleges increasingly have a significant role to play in health advocacy, and to stand up for human rights.

“I believe emergency medicine is about social justice, fairness and equality; we need to ensure those values permeate through everything we do as a specialty and a college,” Dr Judkins writes.

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