Something for everyone: the 2017 ASM seen from the trainee perspective

This year’s Annual Scientific Meeting offers a particularly strong selection of presentations, activities and workshops for trainees.

The ASM will be held in Sydney from 19-23 November.


The Trainee stream on Thursday afternoon (23 November) will feature talks on some of the most compelling subjects facing trainees. The first session, entitled ‘Issues from the trainee perspective’, offers the opportunity for audience members to explore some of the myriad of options available to trainees in emergency medicine, both during the training program and as a FACEM.

“This should be the kind of session with something for everyone,” says Dr Jess Forbes, Chair of the ACEM Trainee Committee. “The speakers are a mix of trainees, new FACEMs and senior FACEMs, and will deliver content that is really interesting and relevant to training in EM.”

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Tips from the trenches

One of the other sessions from the trainee stream will feature talks around the theme “What I know now that I didn’t know then.” Jess, who will be chairing the session, notes that it will include topics not commonly seen on ASM programs, including: choosing your own path in EM training; career longevity; combining parenting and work/study; and tales from those who’ve chosen a slightly different path within EM.  

“We’ve really tried to include content throughout the ASM program, but particularly within the trainee session, which is interesting and relevant to trainees,” she says. “The pre-conference workshops are particularly useful in this regard and all trainees should have a look at what’s on offer there.”

Jess herself will be co-presenting on Tuesday morning (21 November) the session ‘Feedback through the looking glass: Trainer and trainee perspectives’ with FACEM Dr Victor Lee, who is Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT) at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne. 

“What we want to do is look at the current literature around workplace feedback and examine the feedback experience from the perspective of both the trainee and the trainer,” says Victor. “Feedback is often viewed as a one way process going from the trainer to the trainee but we want to explore the idea of trainees becoming more active participants in the process, for instance by feeling able to ask for more direct and specific feedback.”

Victor firmly believes that feedback should be an educational alliance that is beneficial for both parties.

“Empowering trainees improves the overall value of feedback and makes for a richer and more profound educational experience,” he says. “That benefits not only the trainee and the trainer but also – ultimately – their patients.” 

A compelling and interactive program

The ASM will be held at the new Sydney International Conference Centre, and will focus on the themes of ‘Impossible is just a perspective’ and ‘Getting the balance right.’

The meeting will offer a compelling and interactive program, broad enough to cover the full gamut of emergency medicine, with a line-up of the most inspiring, entertaining and knowledgeable speakers in the emergency medicine world today. Each will be taking on the hard topics and exploring the nuanced discussion, plus cutting-edge research and novel ways to translate into practice.

Check out the program and registration details on the ASM website.