One in four patients in NZ emergency departments affected by alcohol

The latest snapshot survey of alcohol-related presentations to emergency departments (EDs) in Australia and New Zealand has shown once again that alcohol continues to impact on staff, patients and health systems in both countries.
In New Zealand, the survey shockingly revealed that one out of four patients were there as a result of the harmful use of alcohol.
Dr John Bonning, Clinical Director of the Waikato Hospital Emergency Department, said that there were still too many intoxicated people turning up in emergency departments.
“A quarter of patients in the ED due to alcohol is absolutely diabolical. The level of harm these people cause to their own health is bad enough but they also divert time and resources from other patients, including older people and young children,” Dr Bonning said. “They put an undue strain on our emergency departments and can be rude, aggressive, or - in the worst circumstances - even violent towards doctors and nurses.” 

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