It’s SSEM’s 20th anniversary, and it is back in Noosa! This is the conference for clinicians who love emergency medicine, and we’re going to wow you with a punchy, pacey and engaging programme:

  • 3 keynotes: real-life stories of disaster and triumph
  • 6 panel sessions: including critical care, paediatrics, geriatrics, and international emergency medicine.
  • Daily tips and tricks, live on stage
  • 21 presentations: short, sharp and relevant
  • 5 workshops: trauma masterclass, difficult ventilation, challenging airways, AI enabled echo, and US guided nerve blocks
  • 2 problem-based concurrents in patient safety and toxicology: exercises in imagination, with actors and simulators
  • Finish off with Dangerous Ideas: daring proposals for how we live and work

The program can be viewed here.

Registrations are now open here.