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In Emergency Medicine we perform our daily work in a high-pressure environment.

Our practice, our systems, our knowledge and most of all, our people are all pushed to the limit.

Drawing on expertise unique to Australia’s capital. Canberra’s ASM 2020 will focus on providing solutions to the issues we face in our frenzied lives. What can we learn from patients, elite athletes, international aid coordinators, or military experts? We are designing a program that will inspire, provoke and unite. We are designing a program that will change your practice. We hope it might even change your life.

For those of you who think Canberra=politics=boredom, we have got a surprise in store for you. Canberra’s food and drink scene are eclectic, award winning and dare we say it – cool. We will be making use of all of Canberra’ incredible outdoor precincts to help you let loose, unwind or recharge in our innovation workshop and social program.

How can you adapt, survive and thrive in an increasingly busy world?

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