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Information on the Emergency Medicine FACEM Training Program, details of the training requirements, and associated training application and other relevant forms.

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Registering a Placement

As a FACEM trainee, you are required to continuously undertake training and advise the College by entering your training placement on or before the training begins, until you are elected to Fellowship.

This is done by entering your training placement in the ACEM Member Portal.

If you are not in training or if you're taking excess leave, you may apply to formally interrupt your training - see further below for more details.

Minimum time requirements
  • Provisional Training must be undertaken as an uninterrupted period of training at a single site of at least two (2) months FTE duration.
  • Advanced Training must be undertaken as an uninterrupted period of training at a single site of at least three (3) months FTE duration.

Finding a Placement

As a trainee, you are required secure your own employment that allows you meet your training requirements. See the table below for what to do depending on the type of placement you are seeking.

Placement Type What you need to know What you need to do
ED ED training will only be counted in ACEM accredited sites. You can fulfil your Minimum Paediatric Requirement at EDs that are also accredited for PLB status Check our Accredited sites page to see where you can complete your ED placements.
PED The Paediatric ED component for the PEM Subspecialty training program will only count in ACEM accredited PEDs. You can fulfil your Minimum Paediatric Requirement at ACEM accredited PEDs. Check our Accredited sites page to see where you can complete your PED placement.
Special Skills - Category A These are Non-ED specialties that are accredited by ACEM. Sites undergo an accreditation process. Check our Accredited Sites page to see where you can complete a Special Skills Placement.
Special Skills - Category T If a site is not accredited for Non-ED training, you can apply for a one-off Non-ED placement. Visit our Special Skills (T) webpage for how to apply.
Other Non-ED These include all other Non-ED specialties accredited by other medical colleges. ACEM recognises training in these specialties if
the training post is approved for the Fellowship program by the related specialist college.
Check if the selected site is accredited by the respective specialist medical college. 

Read ACEM Regulation B Appendix A - page 34 - for time limits relating to non-ED training for this specialty.
GP Must be undertaken in a general practice setting approved by RACGP or RNZCGP specifically for GP registrar training purposes (any other level of accreditation will not be approved). Prior approval from ACEM is required for all general practice training. Fill out the TA155 General Practice Prior Approval form and submit it to: [email protected]
Medical Administration RACMA accredits specific training placements which are not hospitals nor institutions. Contact must be made with ACEM prior to commencement.

Fill out the TA245 Medical Administration (RACMA) Application form for Specialist trainee rotation and call ACEM's Trainee Records Team to discuss: 

+61 3 9320 0444

Overseas You need to get ACEM's prior approval before commencing overseas in ED and Non-ED placements (during Provisional and Advanced Training).  
Overseas ED training placements do not accrue core ED training time. 
Visit our Overseas placement page to apply.

Interrupting Your Training

As a trainee, you may interrupt your training for a maximum period of two (2) years throughout the course of your training program as a whole. Interruptions of Training beyond this maximum may be granted for parental leave or if there are exceptional circumstances to the satisfaction of the College. Refer to the Exceptional Circumstances & Special Consideration Policy for more information. 

An ‘interruption of training’ is any period of time which:
  • is spent in any post not accredited for training purposes (e.g. work in an unaccredited ED)
  • is spent in an approved training post but does not meet minimum requirements with regard to duration 
  • is taken out of the workforce as extended leave (whether parental leave, non-annual leave or otherwise).
Action required

Applications for Interruption to Training are submitted via the ACEM Member Portal. A maximum period of 12 months of interruption to training can only be submitted in a single application.

Interruptions for training that extend beyond the 24 months limit for the purposes of parental leave are submitted via the Member Portal, supporting evidence is required. For all other reasons trainees must submit an application via the process outlined in the Exceptional Circumstances and Special Consideration policy.
The following factors will be taken into consideration when determining whether to approve or deny an interruption of training application. The amount of interruption of training approved may also be adjusted from that requested taking into account the below.
  • The length of the proposed interruption to training.
  • Previous interruption to training applications granted.
  • The reason for the proposed interruption to training.
  • The likely overall effect on a trainees progression to fellowship.
  • The ability of the trainee being able to complete their training program within the required time limits.
  • Previous engagement in the training program and training requirements completed.
  • Any exceptional circumstances provided relevant to the interruption to training application.
  • Any other circumstances relevant to the application.
Concession on Fees

For interruptions that span the entire training year (i.e February to February of Australia and December to December in New Zealand), a potential 50 per cent concession to the annual training fee may be granted. 

Other Placement conditions

Part-time work

Part-time work may be considered pro-rata, provided that:
  • at least 50 per cent of the full-time commitment is worked on a weekly basis and
  • the placement meets accreditation requirements in all other respects.
Irregular working hours cannot be averaged over a period of time to arrive at an acceptable minimum commitment. Please note if you are working part-time to fulfil the minimum term requirements you will need to do the full time equivalent (e.g. 0.5 FTE/week over 6 months is the equivalent to 3 months FTE). If the minimum term duration requirements are not met, the training time will not be accredited.

You are required to notify the College if you are working less than full-time equivalent (FTE) within the related training placement. 


All leave (e.g. annual leave, study leave, sick leave) is viewed identically when training time is calculated and approved. Maximum allowable leave before the FTE for the placement is affected is as follows:
  • up to 5 weeks in every 13 week In-Training Assessment period (40% ITA period) 
  • up to 10 weeks in a 12 month period (19% annually).
You are required to record any leave taken during a training period within your placement. The option to enter leave is located to the bottom of every training placement and you must keep this up to date at all times.

Special Consideration 

Trainees undergoing formal assessment for training may apply for special consideration of circumstances that may adversely affect their performance. Please view the Exceptional Circumstances and Special Consideration Policy for more details.


Training Portal Orientation

Watch this webinar replay to learn where and how to enter placements, ITAs, EM-WBAs, and LNAs in the ACEM Training Portal.


2017 Training Year 

ITAs must be submitted every 3 calendar months of training and will fall on one of the two ITA Due Dates listed below in a term
Training year: 6/2/2017 - 04/2/2018 Training year: 12/12/2016 - 10/12/2017
ITA Training Period Date
ITA Due date ITA Training Period Date Range ITA Due date
Term 1 06/02/2017-
Term 1 12/12/2016-
Term 2 08/05/2017-
Term 2 13/03/2017-
Term 3 07/08/2017-
Term 3 12/06/2017-
Term 4 06/11/2017-
Term 4 11/09/2017-

2018 Training Year 

ITAs must be submitted every 3 calendar months of training and will fall on one of the two ITA Due Dates listed below in a term
Training Year: 05/02/2018 – 03/02/2019 Training Year: 11/12/2017 – 09/12/2018
ITA Training Period Date
ITA Due date ITA Training Period Date Range ITA Due date
Term 1 05/02/2018 -
Term 1 12/12/2017-
Term 2 07/05/2018 - 05/08/2018 17/06/2018
Term 2 12/03/2018-10/06/2018 22/04/2018
Term 3 06/08/2018 - 04/11/2018 16/09/2018
Term 3 11/06/2018-09/09/2018 22/07/2018
Term 4 05/11/2018 - 03/02/2019 16/12/2018
Term 4 10/09/2018-09/12/2018 21/10/2018
Trainee DEMT/Supervisor
Time Records

Regularly log on to ensure your placement details and leave are correctly entered within your placement before the ITA due dates (primary and secondary).
  • automatically generated two (2) weeks prior to the ITA due date (end of term)
  • Obtain feedback from your DEMT/Supervisor and assist where required for the DEMT/Supervisor to complete and submit your ITA by the ITA due date.

Ensure all assessments are completed and submitted by the ITA due date.
Structured References

Submit your request via the Member Portal three weeks prior to the end of the valid training period. Ensure your referees complete the Structured Reference within a week after the subsequent time check date.
Time Records

  • automatically generated two (2) weeks prior to the ITA due date (end of term) for completion and submission
  • provide feedback to the trainee to complete and submit their ITA by ITA due date.

Must be completed and submitted by the WBA due date.
Structured References

Must be completed within a week from the related ITA due date as outlined on reminder emails.


Out of cycle

If a trainee commences a placement outside the usual term dates, DEMTs/Supervisors may be required to submit an ITA for these trainees by this due date.

Time Complete Trainees

Trainees who have met all of the time requirements and not yet completed the assessment requirements are required to continuously undertake training positions until election to Fellowship. Trainees are required to complete three months of FTE emergency department training with each 12 month period.

Training Portal Orientation

Watch this webinar replay to learn where and how to enter placements, ITAs, EM-WBAs, and LNAs in the ACEM Training Portal.

Election to Fellowship

Applicants for election to Fellowship of the College must have satisfied all the advanced training requirements or specialist assessment requirements for overseas trained specialists (OTS).


Advanced Training pathway

The application should be submitted as soon as possible after all eligibility requirements have been met: The College will review all applications on a case by case basis. Once the College receives your application you will be contacted in regards to the turnaround time to be elected to fellowship.  
Your progression date to fellowship is the date you are officially communicated to by the College.
To apply for Election to Fellowship, please complete the Election to Fellowship Form. Please post this form into the College address:
Attention: Training Team
34 Jeffcott Street
West Melbourne, VICTORIA 3003
Overview of election to Fellowship process
All trainees must apply for election to Fellowship using the required form. After submission of the application form, your application is reviewed to determine if you have completed all training and assessment requirements of the ACEM Specialist Pathway (as outlined above). The next steps in the process are:
  • If you have completed all requirements for election to Fellowship review, your training and assessment data will be scheduled for review at the next Regional WBA Panel meeting.
  • Trainees continuing in ED placements while awaiting WBA Panel review are required to continue completing 'Late Phase' EM-WBAs, including complexity and rate of completion requirements. 
  • Successful completion of all elements of the Fellowship exam no longer automatically means access to Fellowship. Your WBA requirements must also be successfully accessed by a Regional WBA Panel, after the examination processes are complete.
  • If the WBA Panel determines that you have achieved the required standard of a new Fellow, your application for election to Fellowship is scheduled for endorsement at the next Council of Education meeting.
  • If the Council of Education endorse your application for election to Fellowship, you will be granted Fellowship. 
This process is estimated to take between six and eight weeks from the time you complete all training requirements and ACEM has received your Election to Fellowship application form.

Trainees are advised not to commence a consultant role prior to being elected to fellowship. The College cannot provide confirmation of fellowship prior to the endorsement process being completed.

Specialist assessment pathway

Overseas Trained Specialists (OTS) must have met the requirements stipulated by the OTS Subcommittee. Each candidate is assessed on an individual basis, therefore requirements vary between individuals. Requirements may include some or all of the following: The CPD Team at the College administers the specialist assessment program. Once the CPD Team has received written confirmation that all requirements have been met, a recommendation will be put to the OTS Subcommittee regarding your election to Fellowship. This recommendation will then be voted on by the College Board of Governance. Please allow at least six weeks for this process to occur. If successful you will be invited to apply for Election to Fellowship. 

After Election to Fellowship

The College will notify successful completion of the ACEM Specialist Training Program to the relevant medical boards:
  • For specialist recognition in Australia (Medicare)
  • For vocational registration in New Zealand (Medical Council of New Zealand).
As a new Fellow you will be invited to attend the College Ceremony, to be presented your Fellowship testamur. If you are unable to attend the College Ceremony you may elect to receive your testamur via registered post. 

All new Fellows are automatically enrolled in the ACEM CPD Program and receive advice and login information via an email from the CPD Team.


If you are impacted by a decision regarding your training or assessment that is inconsistent with an approved regulation or policy, you can appeal to the College within a specified timeframe for reconsideration of certain decisions. 

Requests to have the original decision reconsidered, reviewed and/or considered at a hearing of the appeals committee, should be addressed to the Council Executive Officer at the College (CEO).

For more information, please refer to the Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Policy

Dismissal from Training Program

Trainees may be dismissed from the training program for either unsatisfactory progress or failure to progress, as well as for behaviours or conduct inconsistent with the Purpose or Policies of ACEM. Unsatisfactory progress involves failure to meet a standard while failure to progress involves failure to meet a designated timeline.


If you want to withdraw from the training program, please contact the College to discuss your withdrawal. Note: all trainees wishing to withdraw will be required to complete a notification of withdrawal form. 
This page contains a list of forms relating to the FACEM Specialist Training program. 


TA150A Trainee Enrolment Form – Part A 
TA150B Trainee Agreement – Part B
TA162 Verification of Completion Form

Important Notice: All training must be entered on or before the start date of the placement. Training placements will not be backdated. The Provisional Training start date for new trainees will be the date the completed application is processed by ACEM.

Credit Transfer

TA163  Provisional Training
TA165  Advanced Training 
Note: Contact the College for Trainee Research credit transfer requirements.


TA149 Application for Trainee Re-Enrolment - Part A
TA150B Trainee Agreement – Part B
TA150C Application for Re-Enrolment 2016-2017 - Part C


TA167  Change of Name Details
TA168  Application for Election to Fellowship
CF339  Request for Refund

Note: Contact the College to withdraw from the training program.

Applications for Approval of Training Posts

TA157  Approval of Proposed Overseas Training (currently under revision)
TA155  General Practice (RACGP or RNZCGP) (currently under revision)
TA245  Medical Administration (RACMA) (currently under revision)
TA158  Approval of Paediatric Logbook in Overseas Emergency Department
AC417  SSTIQ Accreditation

Trainee Research Requirement

Telephone and email support is available. Please contact the College on +61 3 9320 0444 or email [email protected]