FACEM Training Program Eligibility 

Welcome to the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine FACEM Training Program.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the FACEM Training Program standard of assessment is maintained by its peers. Trainees who complete the training program are elected to Fellowship and become a FACEM. All FACEMs can then assist new trainees to learn and develop skills in Emergency Medicine.

By enrolling as a FACEM Trainee you are embarking on a journey of learning while working. Through collaboration with peers you can develop skills in Emergency Medicine.  As a member and Fellow of ACEM you can then continue to advocate for Emergency Medicine by teaching, and helping your community.

To be eligible to enter the FACEM Training program you must show:
  • the successful completion of a medical degree
  • the successful completion of 24 months pre-vocational training
  • current general registration as a medical practitioner in Australia or New Zealand.

Enrolment Process

1. Understand the FACEM Training Program requirements and Curriculum Framework for:
  • Provisional Training
  • Advanced Training
2. Refer to Regulation B Specialist Training Program
  • See Regulation B1 – General requirements of the specialist training program
3. Download and read Trainee Enrolment Form - Part A and the Trainee Agreement - Part B 
  • follow the instructions on the forms
  • meet with your current Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT) and a second Fellow of the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (FACEM) to discuss and complete the Trainee Agreement - Part B
4. All applications for enrolment must include evidence of 24 months Pre-Vocational experience which can be confirmed using the Verification of Completion form. 

Important notice: all training must be entered on or before the start date of the placement. Training placements will not be backdated. The Provisional Training start date for new trainees will be the date the completed application is processed by the training team.

Credit Transfer

Before registering, you may be eligible for Prior Learning or Credit Transfer. Please view the Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer.   

An application for any credit transfer must be submitted at the same time that the application to enrol as a trainee is submitted. You may apply for a credit transfer in the following areas: To apply for Credit Transfer you can access our Forms page.

Acceptance of Enrolment

The Council of Education reserves the right to refuse any application for enrolment as a trainee. Any application which is not submitted in accordance with Regulation B of the ACEM Specialist Training Program will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant.

Conditional Enrolment

Conditional Enrolment allows prospective trainees who will be commencing PGY3 in the 2017 training year to enrol as a FACEM Trainee under a set of conditions which are then fulfilled upon completion of the PGY2 training year. 

Conditional Enrolment applications for the 2017 training program are now closed. To enrol in the FACEM Training program, all applications should now comply with the enrolment process and requirements listed above.

Former Trainees

If you are a former trainee, you can reapply for enrolment as a trainee. There is no automatic right for any former trainee to enrol in the ACEM Training Program. Enrolment is always subject to the prior approval of the Council of Education, and will not be allowed until this approval has been obtained. 


A former trainee who:
  • voluntarily withdrew from the training program (unless the ineligibility rules below apply)
  • was removed from the training program for failure to pay outstanding fees, or
  • was removed from the training program, or eligible for removal, for failure to progress
may be granted approval to re-enrol, but only after a period of three years has elapsed since the time his/her initial period of training was terminated.


The following former trainees will not be eligible to apply for re-enrolment:

  • those who had either voluntarily withdrawn or been removed from the training program (or a combination of both) on two occasions
  • those removed from the training program for performance-related issues pursuant to the ACEM Management of Underperforming Trainees Policy
  • those who do not hold general registration to practice medicine with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) or Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNE)
Approval for re-enrolment will be at the discretion of the College, and may be subject to conditions. For more information, please read the Policy on Former Trainees Seeking to Reregister

​To apply please complete Application for Trainee Re-enrolment - Part A

Should approval be granted, applicants will then be required to complete and submit:
  1. Trainee Agreement – Part B
  2. Application for Re-Enrolment 2016-2017 - Part C


An annual enrolment fee is payable in respect of each calendar year that you are enrolled as a trainee. This fee is not payable pro-rata and is not refundable (either wholly or in part).

Notices of accounts are emailed around mid to late October each year and payment is to be made by the following 1 January (the 'due date').

An enrolment fee is payable upon application to ACEM Training. 

Intake period Fee (AUD)
11 September - 31 December 2016*
includes annual trainee fee for 2017
1 January - 31 March 2017 $1808
1 April - 30 June 2017 $1506
1 July - 31 August 2017 $1204
1 September 2017 - 31 December 2017 To be advised

Financial Hardship

Trainees who are experiencing financial hardship may apply to the College for special consideration. Fees may be allowed to be paid in instalments with an agreed schedule of payment. Applications for financial special considerations must:


Trainees who are granted approval to interrupt training for the whole of a training year may apply for a 50 per cent concession on the annual registration fee for that year. For example, from 02 February to 02 February the following year.

When applying for a concession, payment of 50% of the full amount of the annual registration fee must accompany the application itself, and must be received by the due date for payment. If the concession is not approved, you will then be asked to submit payment of the balance.

All trainees will receive an invoice for the training annual/fee. The application form to apply for an interruption to training greater than 6 months also contains the concession element.

Complete the Interruption of Training/Annual Fee Concession form

Non-Payment of Fees

Non-payment of fees by the due date will result initially with a late payment fee and ultimately in the removal from the training program.