Curriculum Framework

ACEM would like to introduce the now searchable Curriculum Framework, which allows you to easily navigate and search for the information you need.

The ACEM Curriculum Framework describes the level of performance expected for ACEM trainees:

  • At EACH of the four Stages of Training within the ACEM Training Program:
    • Provisional Training
    • Advanced Training – Stage 1
    • Advanced Training – Stage 2
    • Advanced Training – Stage 3
  • For EACH of the eight Domains within the Framework:
    • Medical Expertise
    • Prioritisation and Decision Making
    • Communication
    • Teamwork and Collaboration
    • Leadership and Management
    • Health Advocacy
    • Scholarship and Teaching
    • Professionalism
Further downloads

Framework Top-Level Descriptors 
Provisional Training Top-Level Descriptors
Advanced Training Stage 1 Training Top-Level Descriptors
Advanced Training Stage 2 Training Top-Level Descriptors
Advanced Training Stage 3 Training Top-Level Descriptors
Curriculum Framework PDF

How to use this Framework

The Framework User Guide contains suggestions for use of the Curriculum Framework by trainees, Fellows and DEMTs. The online interactive version allows you to navigate the framework via the search button at the top left-hand side of the page. In addition, the PDF version of this guide demonstrates navigation by using the hyperlinks in the table of contents and index to jump to the section of framework in which you are interested.



The Framework Authors have also suggested the following example scenarios for trainees:

ACEM trainees: You are an ACEM trainee who is working in a department that sees a lot of patients who do not speak English. In the Communication Domain, under the Topic of Principles of Effective Communication, you will find “Barriers to effective communication”, or another option of “Intercultural communication”. You could then review the learning outcomes specific to those rows across the whole of training, to get some sense of where you are at, and where you are headed, or instead, look more broadly at the learning outcomes in the Communication Domain, specific to your current level of training.

DEMT / Supervisor: You are a DEMT/Supervisor who is working with a trainee who seems to be doing really well when managing a single patient, but struggles more when they need to juggle multiple patients. By reading the Learning Outcomes in the Prioritisation and Decision Making Domain, in the Topic of Prioritisation of Patient Management, you may find some standardised wording that helps you explain to the trainee on what skills they need to be focusing.