Trainee Research Requirement

The Trainee Research Requirement is a component for:
  • trainees undertaking the Emergency Medicine Specialist Training program 
  • Specialist International Medical Graduates seeking specialist recognition in Australasia: Australia and New Zealand.
Trainees undertake the Trainee Research Requirement to develop skills necessary to apply the best evidence and academic knowledge to their Emergency Medicine practice. This requirement is aligned to the Scholarship and Teaching domain of the ACEM Curriculum Framework.

The Trainee Research Requirement can be satisfied by completion of one of the following pathways:
  • Coursework pathway (completion of University subjects)
  • Trainee Research Project (TRP) (Published paper, Presented project or thesis).
Please refer to the Trainee Research Requirement Policy for more information.

See below for more information on how you can complete the Trainee Research Requirement:

I've completed a thesis

Have you completed a PhD or research thesis?
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I've completed (or planning) University subjects

Are you interested in studying or have you already studied a subject at University?
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I've published a paper

Have you published, or plan to publish, a research project in a recognised peer-reviewed journal?
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I am planning to complete a research project

Information to help you plan your research project.
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I intend to present a project

Do you want to present at an ACEM-approved forum?
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