Structured References

Structured References (SRs) are one of the three requirements of Provisional Training. 

The assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in a number of areas of practice and serves as an indicator of your suitability to progress into Advanced Training.

As a trainee, it is your responsibility to request a 'set' of Structured References.

Key requirements

  • Three (3) FACEM referees (one of which is the DEMT) complete an online Structured Reference (assessment) which constitutes a 'set' of Structured References.
  • Each referee must have directly supervised the trainee during the period to which the reference relates.
  • References are based on six (6) months (FTE) of ED Provisional Training time undertaken at the same hospital within a 12-month period. 
  • References are valid for 12 (twelve) months from the end of the training period on which they are based.

Requesting Structured References 

  1. Log into the Member Portal three weeks prior to the conclusion of your cumulative 6 month (FTE) ED training period and next Time Check date. 
  2. Submit your request for Structured References.
  3. Liaise with your referees to ensure your Structured References are completed by the due date.
  4. All three (3) referees are required to be completed by the due date, which is within one (1) week after the Time Check date.  
Should any one reference be incomplete, the whole set will be invalid and listed as ‘Closed-incomplete’. Further ED training will be required, which meets key requirements to request a new set.

We recommend you don’t leave completing Structured References until after passing the Primary Exam.

  • A lack of Structured References will delay your progression to Advanced Training.
  • You need to request a set of Structured References as soon as you have completed six (6) months of ED training time at the same hospital.
  • If a set of ‘satisfactory’ Structured References expires prior to your progression to Early Phase Advanced Training, you must request a new set of Structured References and ensure referees complete the reference. The second and subsequent sets may be submitted in a three (3) month (FTE) ED placement completed at a single site (hospital).  

Review process

Structured References are reviewed by the WBA Panels in addition to the suite of Workplace-Based Assessments required for Provisional Training. To find out more about the other ACEM Workplace-Based Assessments, please visit the Workplace-Based Assessment webpage.

Satisfactory Structured References

If the Structured References set is approved by the WBA Panel, you may achieve progression to Early Phase Advanced Training provided the remaining Provisional Training requirements have also been met which include:

  • completion of 12 months of Provisional Training
  • successful completion of the Primary Exam.

If you don’t achieve progression to Early Phase Advanced Training before the Structured References expire, you’ll need to request and submit a new subsequent set of Structured References based on three (3) months of your ED Provisional Training time at the same hospital. 

Unsatisfactory Structured References

If the Structured References set is deemed unsatisfactory by the WBA Panel:

  • You are required to complete a further six (6) months of ED training at a single site to request and complete a set of Structured References.
  • You'll need to complete this training within a 12 month period and this new set may be included as part of a remediation period in Provisional Training.