Paediatric Requirement

Paediatric RequirementAll Advanced Trainees will be required to complete the Paediatric Requirement. This may be satisfied by either:

a) Satisfactorily completing the paediatric logbook in accordance with College requirements or

b) Satisfactorily completing six-month (FTE)  paediatric emergency medicine in an emergency department accredited by ACEM and listed under the Accredited Hospitals for Paediatric Emergency Medicine.

Paediatric Logbook Requirements 

  • Minimum of 400 paediatric patients encounters:
    • At least 200 encounters must take place in emergency departments (EDs) approved by ACEM. At least 100 of the ED encounters must fall into Australasian Triage Scale categories 1, 2 or 3. 
    • The remaining required encounters, may be seen in either an approved* ED or in an approved general paediatric ward (RACP) or approved paediatric ICU (CICM or ACEM)

* Approved ED means an ED accredited for Paediatric Logbook, or where prior approval has been granted for an overseas ED that meets the Paediatric Logbook requirement.

Paediatric Logbook cases can only be logged and submitted for DEMT/Supervisor approval whilst in a current ED term, an ICU paediatric term or a medicine paediatric placement.

Review the ACEM Accredited EDs list to determine if your hospital is accredited for Paediatric Logbook.