Learning Needs Analysis

Learning Needs AnalysisThe Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is a trainee-led process.

This structured online form enables trainees to map out their learning and development goals for a specified period.

All trainees are encouraged to create a learning plan for each placement. These are written in liaison with a DEMT/Supervisor to provide feedback about the action plan and progress over the course of the placement.

The LNA provides a framework for the discussions between a trainee and their DEMT/Supervisor to better inform a trainee’s self-identified areas for development and growth.

Note for current trainees: the LNA may be thought of as a version of the self-assessment component of an In-Training Assessments (ITAs). As this process is developed and led by you, each LNA provides an individualised plan for your pathway to Fellowship. 


The Learning Needs Analysis is separated from the assessment process to allow focus on individual trainee learning plans and feedback. ACEM strongly encourages all trainees to complete LNAs (an LNA is mandatory for trainees undergoing formal remediation).

Trainees undertaking an ACEM-accredited Special Skills placement are required to complete their Learning Portfolio in the LNA. For detailed instructions please see our LNA and Logbook page

There is flexibility in timing of LNA meetings (approx. start, mid and end of placement). 

The following process is suggested:
  • Meeting at the beginning of placement: What are the goals and how will they be achieved? 
  • Meeting in the middle of placement: Review of progress towards meeting the goals.
  • Meeting at the end of the placement: Review of progress. What is the focus for the next placement?
Trainees can complete an LNA by logging onto the ACEM Member Portal. A hard copy of the form is available below.