Dual Training ACEM/CICM

Training in Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care is available to trainees from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) and the College of Intensive Care Medicine (CICM).

This pathway is not a formal joint program but allows trainees to streamline training in both specialties. 

Registration requirements

Formal concurrent registration as a trainee with both CICM and ACEM is essential. This should be done as early as possible to maximise the opportunities for training components being accredited by both Colleges.

Each College will mandate and assess the components of their individual training programs. Please note that retrospective recognition of prior training will not be accepted. Concurrent registration with both Colleges is required for dual training in emergency medicine and intensive care.

More information and instructions on how to register for the ACEM Specialist Training program is on the Registration page.

Variation to ACEM training requirements

ACEM trainees who have completed concurrent training with CICM may apply to have the standard ACEM Advanced Training requirements varied as follows:

a)  24 months approved ED training will be required (rather than 30 ED months); and
b)  24 months approved non-ED training will be required (rather than 12 months non-ED and six months discretionary).

Note this substitution of six months ED training for six months non-ED training allows for completion of further six months in an approved medical term, which can also be counted towards CICM core requirements. The medical term must be completed and assessed whilst undertaking concurrent ACEM training; however this substitution will not be accredited towards the FACEM qualification until completion of all dual training requirements.

Award of FACEM

For dual EM/ICU trainees, the FACEM qualification will not be awarded prior to the completion of all dual training requirements which includes:
  1. obtaining CICM Fellowship, including any variation to the CICM training requirements (as specified by CICM)
  2. satisfactory completion of the ACEM Specialist Training Program, including any variation to ACEM Advanced Training (as detailed above).
Note only at the point of application for election to ACEM Fellowship can the trainee apply for the variation to ACEM Advanced Training requirements.
Further information relating to CICM training requirements can be viewed on the CICM website.