Area of Need

International Medical Graduates can apply for positions defined by the Australian Government as Areas of Need.

Specialist Area of Need Assessment (Australia)

Area of Need (AON) refers to a vacant medical position in an Australian hospital which cannot be filled through standard recruitment processes within Australia.  
State and Territory Health Ministers determine if a position can be classified as Area of Need. If defined as such, the position can then be advertised internationally to emergency medicine Overseas Trained Specialists (OTS). 

AON and OTS assessments are two distinct pathways, but ACEM will process combined AON and OTS applications (“concurrent” applications).  AON applicants intending to apply for specialist assessment are invited to advise the College in writing once they commence their AON role. 

Applying for specialist AON assessment

How to apply for Specialist Assessment and Specialist Area of Need (AON) pathways.

Applicants must first apply to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) for primary source verification (PSV). An application for Specialist AON assessment may then be submitted by the employer and applicant directly to the College on the application form together with all required information and documentation, which must include the relevant Medical Board’s AON declaration, position description, offer of employment and location details. The College will then provide an opinion on the suitability of an applicant based on both the job description and the training and level of experience as they apply to Australasian-trained Emergency Physicians. An assessment of the application is made in line with the Guidelines for Area of Need Assessment (SIMG514).

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
All applicants applying for specialist assessment or specialist AON assessment must be compliant with a CPD program either with ACEM or another approved program. For more information go to the ACEM CPD program

The College charges a fee for AON assessments, visit the Specialist Assessment page for further details.