Leadership at ACEM

The ACEM Leadership Online Program was established to provide opportunities for existing and emerging leaders to develop strategic leadership skills that will enable them to contribute to the future of emergency medicine in Australasia. 

Past Programs

Leadership in motion in an ED team

The ACEM Leadership Online Program illustrates key elements of leadership and supports the development of skills to lead more effectively. 
The program explores each of the five domains using a range of resources to cater for different learning styles. The eLearning resources provide pragmatic tools, tips and techniques, as well as opportunities for reflection on personal leadership experiences. 

The ACEM Leadership Framework is the foundation of the program, and identifies five key domains of leadership.

The five domains of the ACEM Leadership Framework are:
Personal Qualities
Leading People
Leading Improvement and Innovation
Clinical Leadership
Leading Strategically
Wherever possible, local content and case studies relevant to Australasian emergency departments have been used. The resources have been developed in consultation with Dattner-Grant to make best use of the content, experiences and feedback from participants of the 2014 Leadership Development Program.

Materials are provided in a range of formats to cater for different learning styles. They are designed to be self-paced and to allow you to either work through materials in a linear fashion, or to be self-directed.
Leadership Online is available exclusively for ACEM members and trainees - please log in using your ACEM username and password.


Rural & Regional Leadership Course

The Rural & Regional Leadership Course, hosted by the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine was developed and delivered throughout 2016 by members of the 2016 Rural & Regional Leadership Reference Group together with an external educator, Andrew Rixon from Babel Fish Group. 
30 applicants comprising 28 FACEMs; one diplomat; and one trainee, were selected to participate in the course.
The course consisted of five components and served as a platform to launch emerging and existing leaders further on their leadership pathway through building resilience, creating a supportive rural/regional EM support network, and enhancing knowledge and skills in leadership.
Course components included:
  • 360° feedback process
  • Pre-learning
  • 2-day workshop (26 & 27 October 2016 at the ACEM office)
  • Leadership Network Dinner
  • Online Leadership Networking Forum
Course funding
The course and the associated materials were funded by the Australian Department of Health (DoH) under the More Doctors for Emergency Departments initiative.
2016 Rural & Regional Reference Group members:
  • Dr Adam Coulson
  • Assoc Prof Diana Badcock
  • Assoc Prof Peter Thompson
  • Dr Niall Small
  • Dr Liz Mowatt
  • Dr Simon Judkins
  • Dr Anthony Bell
  • Assoc Prof Sally McCarthy

Leadership Development Program

Funded by the Australian Government in 2014, the Leadership Development Program was designed to support and encourage Fellows with demonstrated leadership ability to engage in professional development to enhance their leadership capacity.

In the early stages of the project a reference group was formed to consider the program and develop a leadership framework to guide activities.

The ACEM leadership framework domains developed are: Personal qualities, Leading people, Leading for innovation and change, Clinical Leader and Leading strategically. A PDF version of the framework is also available.

Program development

The program was developed in three areas:
  • a year-long series of leadership workshops
  • scholarships to develop leadership skills
  • development of an eLearning leadership resource.
An enthusiastic group of people participated in the program throughout 2014. Gaining insight into what makes a good leader, learning about themselves, learning styles and motives, difficult conversations and leading for change were some of the areas covered.

In November 2014 a Leadership Day was held to bring together participants to review the program and to discuss their ongoing role in assisting the College to support and promote leadership in emergency medicine.

The final workshop and graduation was held at the end of January to wrap up the program, celebrate the years work and professional development gains for participants.


The ACEM Leadership Scholarships were intended to provide opportunities for existing and emerging leaders to develop strategic leadership skills that will, in turn, enable them to contribute to the College’s future and the future of emergency medicine in Australasia. The ACEM Leadership Scholars were:
  • Anthony Bell
  • Adam Coulson
  • Shailesh Dass
  • Diana Egerton-Warburton
  • Elizabeth Marsden
  • Michael Natale
  • Alan O’Connor
  • Megan Cox
  • Robyn Gunn
  • Sally John
  • Simon Judkins
  • Peter Thompson.