Best of Web EM

Best of Web EM is a peer-reviewed resource hub designed to showcase online emergency medicine resources. Each resource undergoes a structured review process to assess content and functionality and is categorised by format, ACEM curriculum domains, target audience and educational use. All ACEM members and trainees have access to Best of Web EM. 

Project History

What is Best of Web EM?

Best of Web EM is a collation of online emergency medicine resources aimed to assist emergency medicine doctors with their training and continuing professional development needs. All published resources are reviewed by at least two ACEM members or trainees, are aligned to the ACEM Curriculum Framework and cover a variety of online media formats. 
Best of Web EM is now available for ACEM member access  log in using your ACEM username and password.

Review Process

Through the structured review process and involvement of ACEM members and trainees, Best of Web EM offers a robust quality assurance process to identify current, credible and educationally sound EM resources. 

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Resources must be technically sound and meet legitimacy criteria in order to progress to member review. Reviewed resources are categorised by their format (podcast, website etc.), ACEM curriculum domains, target audience and their educational use. Ratings for both educational merit and information quality summarises each resource’s value, as determined by at least two Best of Web EM Reviewers. 

All members of the emergency medicine community are invited to suggest online EM resources for review. 


Best of Web EM is an educational tool. It should not be relied upon for clinical diagnostic purposes. It is the responsibility of each ACEM user to have regard to the particular circumstances of each case, and the application of relevant guidelines in each case. The information contained within BoW may not be comprehensive or error-free and any use of the protocols is at the user's own discretion.

Conflict of interest

When reviewing a resource, Best of Web EM Reviewers are asked to declare if they have a conflict of interest. If a conflict is declared, the reviewer will not be able to complete the review. In declaring there is no conflict of interest, the Reviewer is agreeing to fairly and impartially review the resource with no personal or financial gain. 

Best of Web EM was developed as part of ACEM’s National Program Improving Australia’s Emergency Medicine Medical Workforce, with funding from the Australian Department of Health. The project aimed to design a robust referral mechanism for emergency medicine resources and to collate high-quality, reputable resources for FACEMs and trainees’ CPD and training needs. 

Phase 1 (2012-2013):

  • Development of a taxonomy to define appropriate conditions and definitions for classifying resources.
  • Development of a structured review and referral process to ensure that resources are appropriately assessed for quality and that published resources are adequately categorised.

Over 200 reviews were completed following the development of the review taxonomy. During this time, all published reviews were housed on the ACEM website.  

Phase 2 (2016-2017):

  • Development of a designated online platform to facilitate the online review process and house and display published reviews.

The new Best of Web EM platform was initially made live in November 2016 and officially launched in February 2017. The new platform includes enhanced search and filtering capabilities and an automated review process. 

Become a Best of Web EM Reviewer

FACEMs, trainees and non-FACEM EMC/D Supervisors are invited to become Best of Web EM Reviewers, assessing resources for their medical accuracy and relevance to current practice. Completing reviews also contributes towards ACEM CPD requirements. If you are interested in joining the Best of Web EM Review Panel, please complete the online expression of Interest form.

For any queries about Best of Web EM, please contact [email protected].