CPD Updates

Welcome to CPD Updates! Current news, information and notifications relating to the ACEM CPD Program will be communicated here each month. Watch for the link in the ACEM Bulletin.

We value feedback from CPD participants to inform quality improvements of the program to better support the Continuing Professional Development of our members. Please contact the CPD team with any queries or suggestions.

Last updated: 8 February 2017

With the ACEM CPD cycle ending on 30 June 2017, are you on track with your CPD cycle requirements?
Cycle Requirements

Your individual cycle requirements are outlined in CPD Online where you can monitor your progress via the traffic-light indicators.
Future-dated Activities

If you have recorded an activity in CPD Online ahead of time, these ‘future-dated’ activities must be edited and then verified after the activity has taken place. Once verified the activities will be included in the annual and cycle tally. Future-dated activities cannot be submitted to your Annual Return until they have been verified; this may affect your annual and cycle tally. Instructions on how to edit and verify ‘future-dated’ activities can be found here.
Quality Enhancement Activities

Additional Quality Enhancement activities have been added to the CPD Online library to accommodate participants with little or no-clinical time (e.g. VMO, locum, etc.). These activities include case-based discussions, clinical results reviews, presenting cases for peer review, and team debriefing sessions.
CPD Record Audit

ACEM audits 10 per cent of all CPD participants annually. If you are selected for the 2017 audit through random, or automatic selection, you will be required to uploaded evidence for your CPD activities for the entire period you have been enrolled in the three-year cycle.

Participants shall be automatically selected for audit in the following circumstances, regardless of when they were last audited:
  • All participants deemed non-compliant with the program.
  • Participants who have been granted an exemption from the previous audit.
  • CPD complaint participants who have had their annual return amended by the CPD team resulting in non-compliance.
For assistance in navigating the platform, a range of ‘How to’ guides are available on the CPD Help page. If you require additional assistance contact the CPD Unit via cpd@acem,org,au or +61 3 9320 0408.

Provision of Evidence Guidelines

All ACEM CPD participants are encouraged to attach evidence to their CPD activities at the same time as when you record your activities in your online record.
NZ Participants
The MCNZ requires that all doctors practising in NZ also complete an audit of medical practice and peer review annually in addition to the prescribed ACEM CPD requirements.