CPD Resources

ACEM is committed to providing high-quality, targeted education to Fellows, Non-Fellow Participants and trainees. In recognition of the individual learning needs of our members, new and enhanced resources have been developed by ACEM to further extend specific skills and knowledge in emergency medicine. These include online formats such as podcasts and e-learning modules, as well as face-to-face training and blended learning which combines online and traditional modes.

Advanced and Complex Medical Emergencies (ACME): Three-day Advanced and Complex Medical Emergencies course designed by FACEMs.

CPD Online Questionscurrently include Spot Diagnosis and Case Scenario questions to test your case management and clinical interpretation skills. Available via the ACEM elearning site, track the time taken to complete each activity and record it in your CPD Online Record. 

Indigenous Health & Cultural Competencyfreely available modules and podcasts designed to enhance culturally competent communication and overall care for culturally and linguistically diverse patients in the ED. 

Leadership: an opportunity to learn about the key elements of leadership and how they may develop skills to lead more effectively. (available to ACEM members only)

Mentoring: a range of resources available to all members to support individuals and workplaces to strengthen their mentoring capacity. Coming soon: a suite of five eLearning modules designed to support Fellows move through the mentoring partnership. 

Workplace-based Assessment: a suite of freely available modules introducing the EM-WBA tools (CbD, Mini-CEX, DOPS and Shift Report), orientatin to WBAs at ACEM and assessor calibration resources. 

Best of Web EM resourcesresources aligned to ACEM's curriculum which have been reviewed and assessed by ACEM members. 

For more CPD resources see the Educational Resources page and visit the ACEM eLearning website.