A new accreditation system will be implemented for all trainees from the 2022 medical training year. Please see further information at the bottom of this page. More details will be available in 2021.

Accreditation Information for all FACEM Trainees 

  • Accredited Emergency Department (ED) training sites
  • Other Accredited Training Sites
  • General Practice

You may wish to use our Site Information Guide to assist you in the planning of your training sites and rotations.

Accreditation Information From 2022 

From 2022, all sites will transition to a three-tier system of accreditation. All currently accredited sites will be transitioned to the revised system at the beginning of the 2022 Training Year and will have until January 2024 to meet any new requirements that may be applicable. All sites will be required to comply with the new requirements from the start of 2024.

  • Training Stage 4
  • Paediatric EDs
  • Accreditation Transition for Emergency Departments