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Access the Curriculum Framework

Curriculum Framework overview

Eight domains apply to each of the four stages of the ACEM Training Program.

Stages of the ACEM Training Program

Domains that apply to each stage

  1. Provisional Training
  2. Advanced Training – Stage 1
  3. Advanced Training – Stage 2
  4. Advanced Training – Stage 3

Health Advocacy
Leadership and Management
Medical Expertise
Prioritisation and Decision Making
Scholarship and Teaching
Teamwork and Collaboration

Examples of how to apply the Curriculum Framework

Example situation for a trainee

You are a FACEM trainee working in an emergency department that sees a high proportion of patients who do not speak English.

By reading the Principles of Effective Communication topic in the Communications Domain, you will find “Barriers to effective communication”, or another option of “Intercultural communication”. You can then review the learning outcomes specific to those rows across the whole of training, to identify your current abilities, or instead, look more broadly at the learning outcomes in the Communication Domain, specific to your current level of training.

Example situation for a Director of Emergency Medicine Training or Supervisor

You are a Director of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMT) or Supervisor working with a trainee who does well when managing a single patient, but struggles more when managing multiple patients.

By reading the learning outcomes under the topic of Prioritisation of Patient Management in the Prioritisation and Decision Making Domain, you may find some standardised wording that helps you explain to the trainee on what skills they need to be focusing.