Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander and Māori Health Research Award T&C

A published research paper or conference presentation to be most significant in the field of emergency medicine as it relates to Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or Māori health

ACEM Foundation Conference Grant Terms & Conditions

Promoting Future Indigenous Leaders in Emergency Medicine

ACEM Medal

The ACEM Medal is awarded at the discretion of the Board in recognition of distinguished service to the affairs of the College.

ACEM Service Award Terms & Conditions

The ACEM Service Award is awarded at the discretion of the Board in recognition of significant high-level service, over and above that of other individuals, demonstrating a commitment to the work of the College.

ACEM Wellbeing Award

The ACEM Wellbeing Award celebrates the initiative(s) of groups, individuals or whole emergency departments that have resulted in enhanced wellbeing for their emergency department colleagues.

Al Spilman Award for Culturally Safe Emergency Departments

The award recognises the outstanding efforts of an ACEM accredited emergency department to ensure cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Māori patients, visitors, and staff.

Al Spilman Early Career Researcher Grant Terms & Conditions

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Beth Christian Scholarship Terms & Conditions

The Beth Christian Scholarship is designed to foster links between the emergency medicine community in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Edward Brentnall Award Terms & Conditions

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Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Grant Terms & Conditions

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International Development Fund Grant Terms & Conditions

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International Scholarship Terms & Conditions

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John Gilroy Potts Award Terms & Conditions

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Joseph Epstein Scholarship Terms & Conditions

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Morson Taylor Research Grant Terms & Conditions

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Sophie Lewis Fellowship Terms & Conditions

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Teaching Excellence Award Terms and Conditions

The Teaching Excellence Award recognises distinguished and extensive service in emergency medicine teaching and learning by ACEM Fellows. The Award is presented by the Council of Education at the ACEM College Ceremony.

Toni Medcalf Community Service Award Terms & Conditions

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