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The DipPHRM has been established as a re-certifiable training program; DipPHRM graduates can choose to opt into the DipPHRM CPD Program so that the knowledge and skills acquired through the training program may be maintained and the use of the DipPHRM post-nominals continued. The annual DipPHRM CPD Program fee can be found here.

Commencing in July 2022 for Fellow* graduates of the DipPHRM Training Program, the annual DipPHRM CPD requirements are outlined below:

  • Minimum of 15 hours per annum dedicated to approved activities, of which a minimum of ten (10) hours must be interactive in nature.
  • Be assessed in at least five (5) critical procedures, in real or simulated scenarios.

* Fellowship trainees may choose to join the DipPHRM CPD program when they attain Fellowship.

The DipPHRM CPD Program has been designed to fit within parent-College Fellowship CPD programs. For example, an activity undertaken for Fellowship CPD purposes may also count towards the DipPHRM CPD requirement.

The DipPHRM CPD requirements must be logged in the ACEM Portal. On request, ACEM can supply a CPD participant with evidence of their completed PHRM-related activities to present to their parent-College. It is the responsibility of CPD participants to ensure that they have logged a CPD activity or procedure correctly. 

DipPHRM holders will be reminded 4 weeks prior to the end of the annual CPD cycle to log any relevant PHRM CPD activities by the cycle end date. ACEM PHRM Training staff will undertake annual audits of all DipPHRM CPD participants to ensure that they are meeting the requirements. Certificates of compliance will then be issued to those who demonstrate evidence that they have met the requirements of the DipPHRM CPD Program.

The CCPHRM understands that graduates of the DipPHRM Training Program may not immediately secure an ongoing position in PHRM. Should a DipPHRM graduate choose not to engage with the DipPHRM CPD program at the time of completing the DipPHRM Training Program, they may re-engage with the program at a later date, on application to the CCPHRM providing that they are able to provide evidence of engagement in PHRM.