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The requirements of the EMD Training Program are:

  • 18 months of full-time equivalent (FTE) training in an ED. Training is comprised of 12 months working in the ED, plus six months working in critical care
  • EMD online learning modules
  • Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs)
  • Two emergency skills workshops
  • Written ED case reflections
  • Online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) exam.

Frequently asked questions about the EMD training program

  • How many hours per week is FTE?
  • ​How long does it take to complete?
  • What if I can't arrange a critical care term?
  • ​Can I complete the program part-time?
  • What is the program fee?
  • ​Where can I complete the program?
  • Does previous experience count towards my Diploma?