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Workplace-Based Assessments (WBAs)

What are WBAs?

WBAs involve short periods of observation and/or discussion with a trainee in clinical practice, followed by structured feedback to the trainee and an assessment of the trainee's performance.

What are my requirements?

You are required to complete the following WBAs:

  • Eight x Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercises (Mini-CEXs
  • Nine x Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS)
  • Four x Case-Based Discussions (CBDs
  • Procedural Checklist
  • Audit.

What do I need to do?

1. Each of the WBAs needs to be undertaken by an approved EMCD Supervisor.

2. With the approval of your EMCD Supervisor, Mini-CEX and DOPS WBAs may be undertaken by a FACEM. In this case, the completed WBAs must be provided to your EMCD Supervisor before to submission to the College.

3. Your Procedural Checklist may be signed-off by an approved EMCD Supervisor, a FACEM or any registered specialist medical practitioner, as long as it applies to their area of clinical practice.

EMD online learning modules

The EMD online learning modules are a series of audio, video, graphics, animation and online quizzes.

You are required to complete the following EMD online learning modules:

  • Manage complex emergency presentations
  • Participate in advanced clinical support activities
  • Demonstrate advanced professional, legal and ethical practice.

Emergency skills workshops

You are required to complete two of the following emergency skills workshops:

  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS), or Advanced Paediatric Emergency Medicine (APEM)
  • Early Management of Severe Trauma (EMST), or Emergency Trauma Management (ETM)
  • Advanced and Complex Medical Emergencies (ACME)
  • Effective Management of Anaesthetic Crisis (EMAC).

If you already hold a current certificate for any of the above workshops contact the EMCD Training team via email.

Written Case Reflections

Written case reflections are evidence of your learning outcomes and enable you to reflect on your clinical practice.

You are required to submit 12 written case reflections based on cases you encountered in the ED.

EMD MCQ Online Examination

The EMD MCQ examination is completed online in your hospital under supervision. It is 90 minutes in duration and consists of 80 multiple choice questions based on the revised EMD Training Program Curriculum.

The examinations will be held on the following dates at 12pm Melbourne Time:

  • Friday 29 April 2022 - Closing Date: 08 April 2022

To be eligible to sit the EMD online examination, you must have:

  • Completed at least 10 full-time equivalent months ED time
  • Completed the online learning modules and their associated assessments
  • Completed all WBAs
  • Completed two emergency skills workshops as outlined above
  • Submitted 12 written case reflections
  • A statement of attainment entered by the EMD primary supervisor.

Examination frequently asked questions

What is a statement of attainment?

Once you have completed all of the EMD training program assessments, your primary EMD Supervisor will submit a statement of attainment to the College. This is a statement confirming that you have completed all your required assessments and that you are eligible to sit the EMD online examination.

How do I apply to sit the EMD online examination?

Contact the EMCD Training team via email once you are eligible.

What if I fail the EMD online examination?

You may apply to resit on the next scheduled exam date. The resit fee is AUD $500.

Becoming a member of the College

To apply to become a College Diplomate, complete and return the application form via email.