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The College is pleased to invite Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the FACEM positions and trainee position on the Pilot of Blended Supervision – Project Working Group, which will report to ACEM’s Council of Education.

Following the work of the Workforce Planning Committee over the last three years, the ACEM Board has determined, as part of the College’s Workforce Planning Strategy, to pilot a clinical supervision placement model of blended supervision – that is supervision of a trainee in a placement that combines traditional in-person clinical supervision with a proportion of remote/virtual clinical supervision.   

Key Responsibilities

The primary role of the PBS WG is to provide guidance and management of a project that will pilot a blended onsite-remote clinical supervision placement model for FACEM trainees. This project is the implementation of Recommendation #3 from ACEM’s Workforce Planning Strategy. 

This pilot will establish the resources and tools required to implement and sustain a blended supervision training rotation, trialled via a network of accredited rural training sites.

The responsibility of the Working Group will include providing advice and direction on the following activities: 

  • The development of an associated project plan;
  • Exploring enablers and barriers to implementing a blended in-person-remote supervised placement model for FACEM trainees;
  • Development of a project protocol which will include relevant College training program processes and frameworks needed to undertake this pilot;
  • Implementation of the pilot model;
  • Development of content to assist in the deliver of workshops / seminars to participating pilot; and services and associated staff (supervisors and trainees).

Please read the Working Group Terms of Reference here.

Project timelines and meeting expectations

It is expected that the Working Group will meet a minimum of every six weeks.

Members will be appointed to the Working Group for a period of three years.

This project is three-year project, and the Terms of Reference will be reviewed should the project period need to be extended.

Positions available

The positions currently available are:

  • up to four FACEMs with experience relevant to the roles and responsibilities outlined in the Terms of Reference (including at least one FACEM from New Zealand);
  • one FACEM training program trainee; and
  • up to two Directors of Emergency Medicine Training (DEMTs)

The call for EOIs will close at 5pm on Friday 8 April 2022.