Digital health products such as My Health Record and electronic prescriptions are available within your emergency department.

In 2021 we partnered with the Australian Digital Health Agency to try to understand understand the choices ACEM members and trainees make about digital health products – why or why not do they choose to use them and in what context is that choice being made?

The survey

A survey was prepared for members and trainees to understand these contexts. The survey closed on 18 June 2021.

Findings from the survey will be released later this year and will be used to better target the tools to your needs.

Find out more

If you are not familiar with the digital products available from the Australian Digital Health Agency, we encourage you to check out their website.

ADHA Initiatives and programs
Profiles the tools available, including My Health Record, electronic prescriptions, telehealth, and more.

Digital health specialist toolkit
A video series featuring specialists from a range of practices how and why they use digital health programs or initiatives in their work, including some of the benefits, some of the challenges and the resources available.