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The funded clinical supervisor positions are occupied by senior Fellows of ACEM. Their responsibilities include developing a training program in emergency medicine which satisfies ACEM accreditation requirements for Fellowship training and, expanding the roles of emergency medicine trainees within the hospital’s education network, and through external hospital education.

Eligible hospitals are required to have achieved outcomes including accreditation with ACEM for up to 12 months, supported Senior Medical Officers (SMOs) to complete the ACEM Emergency Medicine Certificate (EMC) and Diploma (EMD) and integrated trainee rotations into the existing public hospital training programs.

EDPSCS Funding

EDPSCS is funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH) under the Specialist Training Program (STP), providing valuable expansion to emergency medicine training capacity in the area or region.

Until 2018, EDPSCS was delivered through eight private hospitals under funding agreements with DoH.

From 2018, ACEM will administer the funding to private hospitals to support the employment of clinical supervisor and staff specialist training coordination positions.

In 2018, ACEM will review the EDPSCS program in consultation with DoH and provide recommendations for future funding in 2019 and 2020.

Further Information

For information relating to EDPSCS, please email the ACEM STP team