The EAG had a broad remit of assessing discrimination in relation to the examinations, as well as any other College activities, at both an organisational and systems level as it relates to the College, its members, trainees and IMGs, with particular reference to the Fellowship Clinical Examination and associated outcomes. 
The President committed to regularly communicating to members and trainees about progress of the EAG, which you can see in the previous communication selection below.


The EAG received written and oral submissions from College members, trainees and others, as well as holding hearings with stakeholders. It also commissioned independent research. The EAG provided regular updates to ACEM members and trainees about its work (links below). 

Final Report

The ACEM Board received the final report at its meeting on 9 October 2017. Download the report, the Independent Statistical and Psychometric analysis, a Literature Review, the President’s message to members and the College’s media release

Action Plan

In February 2018 the College released an Action Plan that sets out the actions the College is taking to address and implement the recommendations of the EAG