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Harry was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After gaining his medical degree from Queen’s University in Belfast, Dr Patterson arrived in Perth, Western Australia, in 1991 and 'stayed as it wasn’t raining!'. This was fortuitous, he says, as he could train in his first love of emergency medicine in the UK where the training systems were 'still in their infancy'.

Dr Patterson, who holds a Masters in Clinical Education, has a true passion for teaching and education which he uncovered upon being appointed a DEMT after Fellowship. His greatest reward is seeing a 'newly-minted' doctor progress into and through the FACEM training program.

Outside of work, Harry is intellectually stimulated by military history and archaeology; he enjoys all forms of music except 'dubstep and thrash heavy metal'; he runs and cycles a bit, and would like to sail more often. 'From a non-PC point of view', he says, 'he likes whiskey and red wine'.