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Kim was born and raised in Brisbane, completing her medical degree at the University of Queensland with first class Honours in 1998. She has worked in a variety of hospitals across Queensland, Victoria and England, before returning home. Kim works as Director of Emergency at St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital and as a Senior Staff Specialist in EM at The Prince Charles Hospital.

Kim chose to specialise in EM because it is "where the action happens, with a team of professionals working together to achieve great things for patients".

"The ED is where I feel I can do the greatest good for the greatest number of people, and that we are helping people when they really need it," Kim says. Her particular interests within EM include quality improvement and patient safety, especially monitoring and learning from adverse events. She has been involved with ACEM's Queensland Faculty, Quality subcommittee, the Emergency Medicine Events Register and International Federation for Emergency Medicine's (IFEM) Quality and Safety Special Interest Group.

Kim says EM has changed so much in the two decades since she started clinical medicine, becoming the "public face" of the hospital system and the entry hub for the majority of patients. "EM has developed to be able to manage so much more than ever before, and I am proud to be part of this innovative speciality at this stage of its evolution," she says.

Outside of work, Kim enjoys playing tennis, hiking and skiing with her family.