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Sunday 17 November 2019

  • ACEM College Ceremony & Award Ceremony
  • ACEM President Handover
  • Tom Hamilton Oration - Dr Georgina Phillips

Monday 18 November 2019

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Climate Change and Mental Health - Prof Helen Berry
  • Changing How We Think About How We Think - Dr Fiona Kerr
  • Digital Informatics: The Big Picture - Tim Kelsey
  • Digital Informatics: AI, Big Data and Clinical Applications - Dr Meredith Makeham
  • Ensuring a Human Centric Technologised Future - Dr Fiona Kerr
  • Panel Discussion
  • Foundation Lecture - Dr Bob Brown

Tuesday 19 November 2019

  • Characterisation of Oral Lidocaine as Intervention in Acute Dyspepsia - COOLAID - A/Prof Jonathan Knott
  • Utility of LP after a Normal Brain CT Scan in Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Suspected SAH - Dr Pourya Pouryahya
  • Cannabis in Australia - The State of the Nation - A/Prof David Caldicott
  • Art, Design and Emergency Medicine - Prof Diana Egerton-Warburton
  • President’s Half Hour - Dr Simon Judkins & Dr John Bonning

Wednesday 20 November 2019

  • The Australasian Resuscitation in Sepsis Evaluation: Fluid or Vasopressors in Emergency Department Sepsis, a Multi-Centre Observational Study (ARISE FLUIDS) - Prof Gerben Keijzers
  • The Patient Consent Process and its Effect on Study Outcome Measures: A Randomised, Controlled Trial - Prof David Taylor
  • Science, Policy, People and Politics: The Complex Interactions Between Political Action and Policy and Evidence in the Public Sphere
  • Readiness, Reaction and Recovery – The Emergency Medicine Response to Events of Community Violence

Thursday 21 November 2019

  • Pacific Regional Emergency Care; Current Status, Priorities and Standards for Development - Dr Georgina Phillips
  • Using Data Mining to Predict Emergency Department Length of Stay Greater than 4 Hours - Dr Bridget Honan
  • Ocean Climate Change and the Implications for Human Health and Wellbeing - Prof Gretta Pecl
  • Climate Change and Fire - Prof David Bowman
  • Climate Change and Planetary Health – The Lancet Countdown - Prof Helen Berry
  • The Lived Experience from the Frontline of Climate Change - Dr Aloima Taufilo
  • Panel Discussion
  • Awards Presentations