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Sunday 19 November 2017

  • ACEM College Ceremony & Award Ceremony
  • Tom Hamilton Oration

Monday 20 November 2017

Opening Plenary Session - Impossible is Just a Perspective: ‘The Wicked Problems in Emergency Medicine’. Chair: Tony Joseph

  • Welcome to ACEM ASM 2017 - Welcome to Country
  • Minister's Welcome Address
  • The Wicked Problems in Emergency Medicine
  • When the Resuscitator is at Risk: Responding to Ebola - Rick Brennan
  • Creation or Evolution? From Shelley to Darwin and Back - Sue Ieraci
  • The Right to Die or the Right to Kill - Karen Hitchcock

ACEM Foundation Lecture. Chair Simon Judkins

  • The Sweet Spot Musical Interlude
  • Health Care for Australia’s Vulnerable Populations; How We Can Do Better? - Professor Gillian Triggs

Tuesday 21 November 2017

Plenary Session 2 - Gender Equality in Medicine - Getting the Balance Right. Chair: Sally McCarthy

  • The Nordic Experience: The Gender Equitable EM Workplace - Maaret Castren
  • Gender Equality in Emergency Medicine - Ignorance Isn't Bliss - Jenny Jamieson
  • Why the Balance Needs to Change - Didier Palmer
  • Championing the Inclusive Workplace - Coleen MacKinnon
  • Q&A

Plenary Session 3 - Getting the Balance Right: Leadership. Chair: Chris Trethewy

  • The Sweet Spot
  • President's Half Hour
  • Leadership and Unconscious Bias - Robert Wood
  • Reclaiming our Specialism: Queen of Hearts, Not Jack of all Trades - Sue Ieraci
  • The Power of the Pen and Medicine - Karen Hitchcock

Wednesday 22 November 2017

Plenary Session 4 – Beyond Our Wildest Imagining. Chair Allison Moore

  • International Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Action – Trends and Challenges - Rick Brennan
  • Cardiac Arrest: Everybody’s Business - Maaret Castren
  • Taking Control - Sue Ieraci
  • How Big Data, Telemedicine and Wearable Technology will Revolutionise Healthcare - Branko Celler

Thursday 23 November 2017

Plenary Session 5 – Wellbeing in EM; Thriving, Not Just Surviving. Chair Shahina Braganza

  • Keeping a Healthy Perspective When Experiences are Confronting - Rick Brennan
  • Time Flies When You're Having Fun - Sue Ieraci
  • Panel Hypothetical and Discussion – Panellists; Sue Ieraci, Rick Brennan, Betty Chan, Bill Lukin, Una Harrington, Alan Giles