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Sunday 19 November 2017

  • Trauma Masterclass featuring Dr Andy Buck and colleagues. Critical decisions and hands-on high stakes procedures
  • Radiopaedia Emergency Radiology Workshop: CT Brain & Spine

Monday 20 November 2017

  • Paediatrics updates - Chair: Mary McCaskill
  • Toxicology 1 - Chair: Kate Sellors
  • The ED where I'd like to work - Chair: John Kennedy
  • Better ED systems, better ED care - Chair: Peter Smith
  • Disaster preparedness - Chair: Tony Joseph
  • Resource stewardship: Too much medicine or not enough? - Chair: Kim Hansen
  • Diagnostic conundrums - Chair: Allison Moore
  • EM of the future: demographics, costing and revalidation - Chair: Melinda Truesdale
  • EM Research: How to for Novice and Early Career Researchers - Chairs: Ed Oakley and Gina Watkins
  • The tough stuff: mentoring challenges - Chair: Nicole Liesis

Tuesday 21 November 2017

  • Emergency Ultrasound 1 - Chair: Michael Hession
  • Challenges in emergency mental health care - Chair: Allison Moore
  • Sepsis. Research, outcomes and new directions from the investigators - Chair: Gina Watkins
  • Clinical and public health challenges - Chair: Gillian Adams
  • Engagement and EM Education - Chair: Chris Trethewy
  • EM Workforce - Chair: Paul Middleton
  • Geriatric EM: more than resuscitation or restoration? - Chair: Guruprasad Nagaraj
  • Education and Training Update from ACEM - Chair: Barry Gunn
  • The multidisciplinary ED team: opportunities and challenges in the workplace - Chair: Amith Shetty
  • Resuscitation: ECMO Masterclass - Co-Chairs: Betty Chan and Angela Chiew

Wednesday 22 November 2017

  • Balancing evidence and risk: advances in appropriate ED care - Chair: Dr Laksh Markuli
  • Quality care in ED - Chair: Stuart Stapleton
  • Pulmonary embolism - diagnostic and management dilemmas - Chair: Tony Joseph
  • ED Crowding and Patient Flow - Chair: Daniel Fatovich
  • The ED where I'd like to work: Private EM - Chair: Michael Ben-Meir
  • Resuscitation - Chair: Russell Kreiger
  • Paediatrics 2 - Chair: Vekram Sambasivan
  • Toxicology 2 - Chair: Therese Becker
  • End of life in ED: identifying the best way forward. A consultation workshop - Chair: Sally McCarthy
  • Emergency Care Out There: Remote and International - Chair: Matthew Wright

Thursday 23 November 2017

  • ACEM Clinical Trials Committee Session: Navigating Potential Research Pitfalls for Experienced Researchers - Chair: Katie Walker
  • Trauma 2 - Chair: Tony Joseph
  • Improving Rural Regional and Remote EM: Update on ACEM Initiatives - Chair: Steve Gourley
  • Are we training culturally complacent or culturally competent doctors? - Chair: Lai Heng Foong and Nicole Liesis
  • International EM: presentations from the ACEM International Scholars: EM in our region and beyond - Chair: Gerard O'Reilly
  • ED Design Class: Harnessing Innovation and Evidence for Designing Your ED - Chair: Matthew Chu
  • Ultrasound 2 - Chair: Kylie Baker
  • Global Emergency Care - it's more than just a disaster response - Chair: Georgina Phillips
  • Trainee Focus - Chair: Jessica Forbes
  • Prehospital Emergency Care - Chair: Mark Elcock